About Ginny

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Who am I?

I am happy.  I am recently married to Rick, one of the best men in the world.

I am patient with my finances, which is what it takes to grow savings from $0 to an emergency fund into real wealth.

I am content with my life and because of that my needs are less – not more.

I am excited about life and want to make a difference.  I am peaceful and sleep with no concerns about money.

What else?

I could tell you about my undergraduate degree in Finance from UNC-Chapel Hill.  Or I could tell you that I have my MBA from Emory University.  Or I could tell you that I am a CFA charter member.  But, honestly, it was the things that I learned from my parents before I was seven that taught me how to save money and stay out of debt.  You can read about my financial journey so far here.

Why am I writing?

I hate the feeling of being in debt and love the freedom that financial independence brings.  I want to share that freedom with others – even if I only help one other person – then it will be worth it.  I want to help others sleep peacefully, be content, save for their dreams, and then live their dreams!  Please share with me what your dreams are.